Loan File Intelligent Review Systems – LFIRS – was founded by mortgage professionals in collaboration with software engineers from NASA, Boeing, Citrix and many other top level companies. The systems were developed to provide a solution to today’s lenders in the mortgage industry by reducing turn times and increasing productivity. This is all done by our easy to use interfaces that are backed by our mortgage rules engine and all of it is customizable to each client’s investor pool – providing them the solution they have been looking for to better compete in today’s marketplace.


TAUS (Total Automated Underwriting System)

Are you looking for faster underwriting turn times?
What if you could have specific investors overlays regarding reserves, FICO, LTV, etc. automatically implemented in the underwrite? Reduce miscommunication with clear and concise conditions?
Would you want all of this while improving loan quality?

TAUS allows our clients to answer all of these questions with a resounding “Yes”.


  • An Enhanced 1003 and 1008 that captures Critical UW Data
  • Conditions are Automatically Created
  • Overlays/Guidelines implemented into each Loan File
  • Client customization of Conditions
  • Consistent Conditioning of Files
  • Low Setup Cost and Pay Per File
  • Access via Secure SSL Website
  • Integration with current LOS also available


  • Increased Production
  • Easy implementation/roll out to Staff
  • Lower exposure to Buyback/Repurchase
  • Lower Operational Costs with Higher output per Underwriter
  • Information is secure and protected with no software downloads
  • Better Communication between UW and Processing Staff
  • Reduces Management’s time spent on updating staff regarding investor guidelines

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TAQC (Total Automated Quality Control)

Are you comfortable only reviewing 10% of your pipeline but having to sell 100% of it to investors?

Nobody in the marketplace is able to review 100% of their pipeline, even if you are reviewing 50%, that’s still leaving half of your pipeline exposed for errors to be caught post close.

Total Automated Quality Control was created to provide your QC staff an additional tool to identify loans that present a higher risk in the pipeline.


  • Upload data on up to a 1,000 loan files in minutes
  • Provides Loan Level report of conditions required on each file
  • Comparative analysis of conditions required vs documents received
  • Alerts to high risk files that need additional review
  • Access via Secure SSL Website


  • QC Staff concentrates on high risk files before delivery
  • Alerts can be sent to UWs during loan process
  • Reduce exposure to buyback/repurchase markets including Independent Dispute Resolution process

Complete the “Request Demo” section at the bottom of this page for an in person review of how TAQC can bring these features and benefits to your company.


“Security, Fast Performance, Price Effective, Scalability and Integration are the cornerstones of Loan File Intelligent Review Systems’ Products”


Security is front and center within all of the LFIRS systems. Our software engineers previously worked with NASA and Boeing implementing applications that met confidentiality, integrity and availability objectives for data and information. LFIRS safeguards have been established to protect our clients and their customers PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with data encryption at all appropriate levels.

Fast Performance

TAUS was created as a Single Page web application (SPA) hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud – these 2 technologies provide reliable high performance for the end user. SPA gives the user a more fluid experience as all necessary code is retrieved with a single page load and any additional resources that are needed are only added in response to user actions. AWS has multiple data centers across the United States to offer maximum resiliency against system outages. Combining these gives you, the end user, a seamless and fluid experience much like any desktop installed application without any concern for the speed of your internet connection or loss of data.


LFIRS offers solutions hosted in the cloud, with scaling customized to a client's needs at no additional cost. Our support team monitors and examines client demands on the servers and can scale to fit without any worry for server management or other client side hosting issues for internal IT departments.


Our Development team has created RESTful APIs as the most simple and succinct way to integrate with LFIRS applications. In short, we're compatible with any language - offering easy implementation and integration with any system.

Price Effective

LFIRS understands the volume levels of the mortgage industry fluctuate. LFIRS is price effective – meaning you only pay for what you use. Our price per loan basis with no minimum fee requirement allows you to set a known cost per file in calculating future profit margins.

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